Terror Island is a short horror film about a group of lifelong friends, who are loured to a remote island to be guests on a new type of reality show. But when they arrive, they quickly learn that there is no show. And their new reality is a living nightmare.

Written and directied by Thom Rockwell, this movie was produced entirely in under 36 hours as part of a timed filmmaking competition for horror movies.

The screeplay for the film was written in 5 hours after a drawing of random contest elements. The cast and crew shot for an entire day and evening and then retired to a local hotel room to edit and complete the film. The amazing score by award winning composer, Randin Graves, was written and recorded in only 4 hours.

The film was shot on location at the Haunted Hollow in Ogden, Utah and features an ensemble cast of the some of the most talented actors in Utah including Tye Nelson, Michael Solarez,Dennis Record, Natalie Willison, Chelsea Goodwin, Dustin Miller, Shay Williamson and Victor McLellan.